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Rubber Sulfide Accelerator

Release time:2013-06-06
Natural rubber and synthetic rubber use to accelerator, with broad scope of sulfide, can be used alone, or with two for dithiocarbamic acid ligand salts, autumn lamb class, the pill and other basic of promoting agents and. Mainly used in making tires, tape, rubber shoes and other industrial rubber products.
Use: this product is all types neoprene, chlorine sulfo-polyvinyl chloride rubber, chlorine ethanol rubber, together with acm rubber of the accelerator. Suitable for metal oxide as curing agent, especially in magnesium oxide, zinc oxide as when sulfurization agent effect is better. The safety of operation, is not easy to burn. This product is especially suitable for the 54-1 (W) type and the general GN type neoprene. In the compound scattered, not easy pollution and change color. In general in the products of dosage 0.25 1.5 a, in 54-1 (W) type neoprene water resistant products in dosage 0.2 0.5 a, and want to match with 10-20 copies of a lamps.
Properties: by ethanol mold products for needle crystal, from e in the product for alcohol crystallization columnar shortcut. Specific gravity of 1.42-1.43. Melting point of 203-204 ℃. Has a bitter taste. Soluble in water, but soluble in methanol, ethanol, glycol and pyridine, insoluble in acetone, ethanol, chloroform, etc.

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