The Conditions Of Our Company Main Competition Rivals


The Conditions Of Our Company Main Competition Rivals
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The Conditions Of Our Company Main Competition Rivals

Release time:2012-05-01

Our company main competition rivals include enterprises in the international market and enterprises in the domestic market.

A.The main enterprise in the international market

In the international market, the main competitors mainly for the internationally renowned rubber fertilizer production enterprise, includes the United States Flexsys, Chemtura, Lanxess, Germany lanxess,Jiekeaige Rich and France MLPC International.

The international market main competitors as follows:


Flexsys is one of the world's largest rubber fertilizer production enterprise ,the main production including rubber accelerator, rubber antioxidant, preventing focal agents, plasticizer, a variety of rubber additives products, the main products are DPTT promoter, MBT, MBTS, CBS, TETD, TMTD and ZDBC etc.


Chemtura ,merged by Crompton 'Corporation and Great Lakes Chemical Corporation in 2005, is the world's main plastic additives, lubricants and production of accessories, swimming pool and hot spring maintaining supplier , the rubber chemicals products including accelerator and stabilizer products, main products including products such as M, of TMTD accelerator.


Lanxess is Germany's Frankfurt Stock Exchange listed company, one of the world's largest manufacturers of fine chemical products, the main business,including plastics, rubber, fine chemical products and intermediates of R & D, production and sales .Main rubber accelerator products are EZ and CZ.


Agrofert is the largest chemical company in the Czech Republic, Central Europe's largest agricultural, food, chemical consortium, one of the EU's second-largest fertilizer enterprise, mainly produces including dioxide pigments, high-performance organic pigments,synthetic rubber, rubber chemicals and synthetic resins and other products.It products rubber accelerator, antioxidants, scorch retarder and curing agent.

e.MLPC International

MLPC International is a subsidiary of Arkema Group, one of the world's major rubber chemicals. MLPC International production and sale of chemical products approximately 15,000 tons, of which 75% of the rubber accelerator products, and the remaining 25% for intermediate products for the pharmaceutical, lubrication, and its products including the accelerator TDEC, ZBEC ZDBC, ZDEC ZDMC, ZEPC DPTT, TBZTD, TMTM, DPTU, the ETU and the curing agent DTDM etc.

B.The major companies in the domestic market

Compared with the major domestic competitors, thiuram and dithiocarbamate salts products formed its own characteristics, is the most complete variety of accelerator products enterprises. Thiazole class times sulfonamide products in the domestic market, major competitors including the yet Shun Chemical Co., Ltd. Shandong, Tianjin Organic Chemical Plant, Tianjin Comay Chemical Co., Ltd.,the town of Jiang Zhenbang Chemical Co., Ltd. and Northeast Auxiliary Chemical Co., Ltd., the main rival of the thiuram and dithiocarbamate salts of products in the domestic market Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemicals Co., Ltd.. Summary of the main competitors of the domestic market as follows:

a.Shandong Shang Shun Chemical Co., Ltd.

Shandong Shang Shun Chemical Co., Ltd. is listed on the Main Board of Singapore China Sunsine Chemical Holdings Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary, is dedicated to the production of rubber chemicals, specialty chemicals company, main products are rubber vulcanization accelerator, antioxidant, anti- focus agent, curing agent (insoluble sulfur) and pharmaceutical intermediates (fine DM), rubber chemicals pre-dispersion (plastic masterbatch), rubber chemicals production capacity of more than 70,000 t, has developed into a larger domestic species than the whole of the rubber chemicals specializing in the production company 28.

b.Organic chemical factory in Tianjin

Tianjin Organic Chemical Factory was founded in 1958, rubber, plastics, paints, pharmaceuticals and other industries supporting organic chemical companies, the main products are rubber accelerator, ethyl acetate, alpha pinene resin, the annual production of 25,000 tons, The accelerant products including CBS, DM, MBTS, MBS and TMTD 29.

c.Tianjin Comay Chemical Co., Ltd.

Tianjin the Comay chemical Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a large backbone of the global rubber chemicals production enterprise, has Comay (USA), Comay (Tianjin) two marketing centers, Comay accelerator factory, Labo additives, as well the world's largest antioxidant TMQ factory three production entities. The main products are rubber accelerator, rubber antioxidant TMQ antioxidant TMQ5 tons of annual output of rubber, 30,000 tons of rubber accelerator, the rubber accelerator product, M, DM, CZ, DZ and NS, etc. 30.

d.Town of Jiang Zhenbang Chemical Co., Ltd.

The town of Jiang Zhenbang Chemical Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Sopo (600,746, stock it) a holding subsidiary of the Group Ltd., a vulcanization accelerator whose main business is the production of rubber specialized production enterprise, the main product accelerant M, DM, NOBS CZ, NS and TMTD, the product of the total production capacity of more than 20,000 t / year 31.

e.Northeast Auxiliary Chemical Industry Co., Ltd.

Northeast Auxiliary Chemical Co., Ltd., formerly known as the newborn chemical plant in Shenyang and Shenyang Northeast Auxiliary Factory, founded in 1952, is China's first enterprise specialized in producing rubber chemicals. Mainly produces rubber vulcanization accelerator, rubber antioxidant, accelerator production capacity of 20,000 tons / year, the antioxidant capacity of 15,000 tons / year; its rubber accelerator products mainly CZ, NS D, DZ, MZ and TBSI, etc. 32.

f.Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemicals Co., Ltd.

Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemicals Co., Ltd. is specializing in fine chemical materials, aluminum alkoxide series products and rubber for the agents of development and production of high-tech enterprise, has a total of Zhejiang Ultrafine Powders & Chemicals Co., Ltd., Lianyungang (601,008, stock it) again and again chemical Co., Ltd. and Jiangsu Fine Chemical Co., Ltd. and other three companies and a provincial high-tech R & D center series of Advanced Micro Devices;, Lianyungang repeatedly Chemical Co., Ltd. is specialized in rubber chemicals R & D, production of high-tech enterprises, with an annual output of rubber accelerator 1.5 million tons, a variety of rubber chemicals pre-dispersed 10,000 tons of plastic masterbatch, rubber accelerator products accelerator M DM, EZ PZ, NS, TETD and TMTD and other.

International Market

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